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Notwithstanding Braces at

Notwithstanding Braces

54 pages     •     ISBN: 978-0-557-60313-8     •     $9.95

An Erotic Orthodontic Encounter
by Catherine Aimes

     Avia is in her early twenties, and for a year now she has had braces and everything that goes with them: no boyfriend, no romance, no sex. Now, on the last day of her vacation trip, she meets Raphael and he invites her for dinner. Is it the prelude to something more, or just more of the same? Can he really be interested in her, notwithstanding the braces? Catherine Aimes's new short novel weaves together the two stories of one unlikely night, the reader shuttled back and forth between what goes through Avia and Raphael's minds and all the surprises, passion and disappointments they encounter along the way.

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