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Brooke in Braces on Kindle

Brooke in Braces
A very personal history of one girl's
life & times & experiences with braces

by Cathy Aimes

283 pages     •     ISBN: 978-1-365-15894-0     ISBN (e-book): 978-1-365-16213-8    

    Braces. So many kids get them, but there are so few books that really describe what that means – what getting and having them is like. In Brooke in Braces Cathy Aimes takes up the challenge and has written the ultimate novel about having braces as a tween and teen. Readers go through the entire experience with the delightful Brooke Dilston, from the time she learns that she will be getting braces to when she is finished with the active part of her treatment.
    Brooke in Braces isn’t a story about a girl who happens to have braces – it’s a story about having braces. It’s a timeless tale for everyone who might be getting them, and for everyone who already has and who can relate! Readers experience it all through Brooke’s eyes – the anxiety, the aches, the pains, the joy, the embarrassments, the pride, the annoyances, the delights – as she recounts what it feels like, and what she’s feeling, every step along the bracing way.
    Catherine Aimes has been writing popular orthodontic fiction for years, but Brooke in Braces: A Very Personal History of One Girl's Life and Times and Experiences with Braces is her first novel written specially for kids and teens who are facing or have braces.

    Recommened ages: 11 and up.
    Recommended audience: anyone who is getting or has braces, or wants to know what it is like.

Available from Lulu in print and as an ebook

Or buy Brooke in Braces on Kindle in the US
or at any of the international Amazon stores:
UK, Germany, Netherlands, etc.

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