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Braces and Beyond on Kindle

218 pages     •     ISBN (e-book): 978-1-329-85021-7    

A Dr. Samantha Wrighting novel
by Catherine Aimes

    Courtney is a wife and mom. When she was a girl, she had braces, like so many other kids. She remembers what it was like but what she really remembers is what it was like for her best friend Gabrielle, and those rare occasions when she got to go along to Gabrielle's orthodontist, Dr.Wrighting.
    Courtney feels that she missed out on something. On a part of the experience. Or more of the experience. Sure, she had braces. But not like Dr.Wrighting's patients did....
    But there's nothing she can do about that. What's done is done. Until, that is, Courtney's grandmother dies, and leaves her something that suddenly opens a whole new world to her.

    Courtney suddenly finds she can step into a parallel world where practically anything she dreams or wishes for can exist, and she can experience anything she wants. How will she take advantage of this incredible opportunity?

    Braces and Beyond reminds us that life isn't just about the most spectacular adventures, but that often what matters most are the simple pleasures we want to hold onto.
    A nostalgic look at childhood and youth and a fantasy novel, Braces and Beyond is yet another penetrating exploration of what it means to have braces.

    Braces and Beyond is suitable for readers of all ages and recommended for teens.

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